Meet the Baker

Hi! I'm Rachel. My love language is food, and there is great joy in sharing a delicious sweet treat with family and friends. My goal at Once a Bakery is to mix creativity and cake to make your delectable dreams come true!

The name "Once a Bakery" is a play on my maiden name - Baker, as well as the saying "once a [insert a thing], always a [same thing]." I was once a Baker, ya know?! Also once you find a love for baking, you'll always have it. I love being able to honor my family name while also having a good pun!

I had weight loss surgery in 2022. Since then, I am always looking for ways to find moderation in sweets. Cake truffles have been a staple treat I've made for over 10 years, and I'm finally taking the advice of friends and family to share my confections with everyone. I believe that you should enjoy food - especially dessert - without feeling guilty about it later. Cake truffles are my answer to that! I hope you consider trying one (or a dozen).